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Destroying Beauty

I told you it was because I was afraid of something so beautiful.
I told you you were beautiful.  It makes me think you weren't listening
when all you do is remind me of broken things.
Their wings are a product of something I can't understand, and
something I can't have.  I
take them away, so something will stand here with me
while I'm Earthbound.


The kite was a kite
and breaking it was not a symbol.
I couldn't hold onto the strings right and
I didn't lie to you about looking like a goddess.  If
you had listened to me, maybe you would feel better now.
I got a new one,
more able,
maybe easier to handle
even if it blocked out more of the sky.
You say you're ocean-bound and watching shipwrecks, but
a bird's eye view sees more.  And I tell myself
it's better for you to stay there, because if you're crying now
over what you can see there,
Even being where I want to be and flying cannot make up for
everything I cannot keep my eyes from.


And I ask myself, "Why does she stay stuck in the sea
if she can't stand it,
And why is it my fault for wanting to soar?"


I broke the sparrow's neck
and you were still weeping.
You tried to stop me, but you didn't listen to me when I told you truth
about flying, metaphorically
and for a bird.
I cannot make everything better.  I cannot bring back the dead.
I cannot watch beauty broken and limping because it scares me
so the sparrow is dead

and I am gone.
This is a response to author estallidos's poem, "kitestrings." I took the poem out of context, and I don't know the author in any way whatsoever (except that she is a brilliant writer). This poem is a response to that poem by itself, and so is subject to my interpretations without the original author's history attached.
t3h p05t, 4 j00
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wow i really liked this :)
SiberDrac Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
no problem :)
estallidos Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008  Professional Writer
ohhh, i wish you had told me of this earlier!
it's gorgeous.

no, really, it's the PERFECT response piece. you completely turned my pem on its head, in a good way, by making the "you" of my poem seem so human and worthwhile here.

it's gorgeous. i love it.
faveddd to the sky and back.
SiberDrac Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2008
wow, thanks! I'm so glad you like it. I've been reading your stuff for a while and it's all pretty much fantasmic, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this.
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